Office Plants

Office Plant Services

At Emma Pulman Garden Design we offer a wide range of office plant services across London and the surrounding areas. Our office plant services cover both interior and exterior office planting.

Interior Office Planting – We create beautiful, high-quality office plant displays, green walls/ moss walls, welcome planting, reception planting, meeting room displays, general office planting, screening and more.

Exterior Office Planting – We create delightful exterior planting, including outdoor welcome planting, window boxes, roof terraces and roof garden design.

Our office plant displays feature high-quality, low maintenance plants. These office plants will look fantastic while helping to purify the air. Our vast interior design project experience means we will make the right plant choices for your unique environment.  We’ll specially source plants pots with your environment in mind, making sure they are enhancing your interior design.

As with all of our services, we offer a free initial consultation. For this we visit your office to carry out a survey and understand your specific requirements. Once this is complete we will send over a proposal. To find out more get in touch today.

Office Plants Maintenance Service

Once your new plants have been installed we make convenient maintenance visits ensuring your plants continue to thrive. Our friendly, expert maintenance team will make sure your plants are well looked after and will be able to answer any questions you may have.

The Importance of Workspace Plants

Studies have shown that office plants can make employees more productive. Workplace plants can reduce stress levels, absence rates, make workplaces more attractive to job applicants, clean the air, reduce noise and increase creativity.

At Emma Pulman Garden Design we believe in the power of plants! Whether they’re in your London office making your workspace happier and more productive or in your garden at home bringing you closer to nature. We believe plants have the power to enhance our lives and our well being.

If you’d like us to create a bespoke plant design in your office, get in touch today by filling in the contact form below.