About Emma

Emma specialises in creating beautiful, design-led residential and commercial gardens across Greater London.

Emma’s love of gardening began at a very young age. From tending to her Grandfather’s tomatoes, to pruning the roses in her parents’ garden, Emma was the family gardener by age 5! Emma’s passion for nature, animals and the environment never went away. Being out in nature has always brought her happiness, calm and inspiration, leading to her desire to create that for others, too.

About Emma Pulman Garden Design

Emma has always had a natural flair for visual design and a strong ability to plan and manage. Consequently, after studying Geography at university – Specialising in the intertwining of the human and natural worlds, Emma worked in London and worldwide in visual merchandising, content creation, project management and customer service management.

For Emma, becoming a London garden designer was the perfect way to utilise these innate and developed skills, channelling them into something she’s always been truly passionate about. She now works with a small team of experienced, caring contractors to bring her designs to life. 

Emma Pulman Garden Design embodies Emma’s personal ethos and philosophy, with an essential focus on the client’s enjoyment of their garden, the bespoke tailored approach, and the quality of the services provided. Emma combines her natural skills with her great passion and enthusiasm for garden design to ensure she creates many happy clients with many beautiful gardens.

Please get in touch with Emma to find out more about the work of her and the team.